Stimulus check Demanded By Over 2 Million Americans

stimulus check

The people of the United States of America have taken their step towards their demand for another round of the stimulus check. As per the petition that was organized, over 2 million citizens have given their approval for the monthly payments. The one to organize the partition is Stephanie Bonin, a restaurant owner from the state of Colorado. She first postcodes the petition over the online platform, This step was taken by her in the year 2020. 

Stimulus Check- Importance

The petition statement given by Stephanie Bonin talks about the concerns of the middle class and lower-middle-class citizens of the country. It states that over a million American citizens are extremely concerned regarding the financial future of their household due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. Stating the importance of the stimulus check, it also talks about the hardships faced by the people. It mentions that since the schools and businesses have remained closed in order to avoid the spread of infection, the people were continuously facing job losses. And most of the workers were being forced to not leave home which was disastrous for the working class and their respective families.

Colorado-based Stephanie Bonin gave a statement keeping her demand for the stimulus checks on behalf of those million citizens who signed the petition. She stated that Congress must look after the citizens by providing them with monthly payments. The amount that she mentioned was 2000 USD for adults and 1000 USD for kids. She also demanded it to be given with an immediate effect. It was stated that the monthly payments were to be given out until the situation in the country gets back to normal. The Colorado citizens also mentioned that if the monthly stimulus check was not given then the self-employed, furloughed and the laid-workers would not be able to survive in the world. 

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