Carson Wentz Traded To The Team, The Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz, the American football quarterback, is soon to be traded by his team, the Philadelphia Eagles. His new team is to be Indianapolis Colts. According to sources, it is to be done for a draft pick of the third round for the year 2021. Not only that but the same is to be done for a conditional second-round pick for the year 2022 which could end up turning into a first-rounder as well.

Carson Wentz Trade Deal

It is reported that the Eagles will be the receiver of the overall pick of 85th position. This is concerning the draft for the year 2021. Along with that, there is also the provision involving the second-rounder of conditional nature. Based on the playing time of Carson Wentz, the second-rounder can be made the pick for the first round.

Sources also revealed that Carson Wentz has a need to complete a total of 75% of the offensive snaps play by the team, the Indianapolis Colts. This is for the conditional pick of the year 2022 in order for the first-rounder to get conveyed.

There are chances for the pick to be a first-rounder one but it depends on Carson Wentz. For this to take place, he will have to complete the snaps by 70% all the while taking the Colts to the playoffs. However, the second-rounder can also be 2022’s worst pick. The reason behind this is the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles are sure to net some value picks for Carson Wentz.

Almost all of the past week had been spent by the two teams, Colts and the Eagles, over the trade deal. They were working on the finalization of it. It is to be noted that the deal cannot be processed officially until the beginning of a new year of the NFL. That is from the 17th of March.