George Santos Taking Down People With Him

George Santos

With such a questionable past George Santos is now being forced to resign. And as a person who has been accused of multiple fraud cases isn’t going to leave anyone outside the house. He has already added his name to two big committees, but the committee members backed off, because of his reputation. Many high-profile people have been against George Santos given his reputation and have silently been asking him and his attorneys to back off.

The Silent Battle With George Santos Heating Up

The Republican party members’ hands are tied, they cannot force George Santos to resign nor they can treat him differently. They have to be indifferent to him and treat him like any other member of the party. The party’s name and security are at stake, and not removing George Santos is a concern of security.

And many believe the speaker of the house, Kevin McCarthy is making a big fuss about it, whereas, Roger Williams, doesn’t support this different behavior. He further said George Santos is here for reason and he has been elected. And as a representative, he has no power over doing anything against the law or rule.

Santos’s resignation will leave a hole in the party, which would provide the democratic party with an opportunity to overpower, and not everyone willing to risk that. Though he has a questionable past and George Santos admitted to embellishing his cv. And his fate must be decided by the voters and not lawmakers.

There is a chance of reelection regarding Santos, and let the citizens decide his fate. Some are actually supporting Santos in this case and planning to install Santos on committees. And Byron Donalds, a Florida republican has said in this country you are innocent until you are proven guilty.