Céline Dion Diagnosed With Stiff-Person Syndrome

Celine Dion

Céline Dion released an emotional video revealing her diagnosis on Thursday. She is trying her best to get back in power. After the singer has been identified with the stiff-person disorder, as told to PEOPLE, she has postponed all the dates of her upcoming concerts and is only concentrating on herself and her children.

Céline is so moved and overwhelmed with all the support and love showered on her by her fans as told on Friday to PEOPLE. She has been having a tough time and also has a difficult journey ahead but she has not lost hope and is doing all that she can to make a great comeback on stage and meet her fans. 

Revelation Of The Diagnosis By Céline Dion

In an emotional video by Céline Dion which she released on her Instagram page in languages French and English, she says that she had been suffering from health issues for a very long time, and talking about it or about the illness itself makes it all the more difficult. Celine Dion also shares her misfortune of being unable to start her Europe tour this February in her caption to the post. The video further said that this illness is something that is rarest of rare and affects very few people in a population of millions.

According to the Stiff Person Syndrome Foundation, this is a neurological disease and can make its patients disabled, a vegetable too in the worst-case scenario. Dion says that the spasms have been muddling her daily life chores. Having difficulty walking or even sometimes the use of her vocals would not as normal as it should be. However, Dion is very grateful to have an amazing set of doctors who have been trying their best and she also credits her children for being her support and encouraging her during this unfortunate time of her life.