Impending Government Shutdown Forces Stark White House Warning

Government Shutdown

On September 20th, the United States White House strictly warned that an impending government shutdown could adversely affect important federal programs. The warning also blasted extreme Republicans in the House even though lawmakers from both parties continue struggling to find a common agreeable funding plan.

Government Shutdown Will Have Massive Implications

In the warning issued by the White House, it was stated that during President Biden’s visit to New York displaying the global leadership of the nation to the world, chaos consumed the extreme Republicans in the House as they continued marching the country closer to significant government shutdown. The shutdown, it warned, will damage the country’s national security, economy, and communities.

The current government funding plan is set to run out at the end of this month. As such, House Republicans, the chamber’s majority, want to approve a plan that will increase border security while temporarily funding the government. However, there appears to be a deep divide in the caucus as hardliners on the conservative side refuse to budge from opposing the plan. In the Senate, which the Democrats control, the plan cannot even move.

According to the White House, the government shutdown will mean military on duty as well as law enforcement of the federal government will have to carry out their duties without their salaries until funds can be allocated. Furthermore, the Disaster Relief Fund of the FEMA can run dry completely, creating a host of complications for efforts relating to disaster relief.

A further estimate by the White House shows that the government shutdown will shut off access of about 10,000 children to Head Start programs nationally. This is because the Health and Human Services Department is not allowed to award grants while a government shutdown is in force. TSA officers and controllers of air traffic will also have to go without their salaries, possibly creating delays in travel.