NFL Jolted By Covid Outbreak


NFL has been struck by the covid tragedy. The organizers have been compelled to either cancel or postpone their matches. The covid scenario in the United States is not at all bright. There has been an alarming spike in cases recently. The threat of the Omicron variant is looming large on the Americans. The Health Department has asked the states to enforce all necessary measures. 

Under such circumstances, organizing a match is very difficult. To add to the worries, a number of teams have reported having been down with covid. The League has also decided to take safety precautions. They have postponed the league for a span of twenty-one days. As many as fifteen matches have been rescheduled due to covid. This announcement was made recently on Friday. 

Cleveland Browns have been one of the teams struggling with covid. In a recent report, they listed twenty-three of their players as a reserve. Baker Mayfield has been a mainstay for the Browns. He has recently been tested positive for the virus. The team’s coach, Kevin Stefanski has also infected the virus. Let us learn more about the covid situation of the NFL in detail below. 

NFL Forced To Postpone Matches

The covid threat is coming back to haunt people again. Theatres have already been closed due to the outbreak. It is now time for the major sports leagues to be plagued. Coronavirus positive reports have been reported by most of the teams. Washington and the Eagles were scheduled to play each other on Sunday. The Seahawks and the LA Rams were also supposed to clash on Sunday. 

Both the matches have been postponed till Tuesday. Things are not looking great for the NFL. Other major leagues such as NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS are also experiencing difficulties adjusting to the new covid outbreak. 

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