Celtics Sunk By Nets’ Big 3 In First Game

Celtics get bested by Nets

The superstar three of the Brooklyn Nets recovered from their recent slump to hand the Boston Celtics a loss. Kevin Durant scored 32 points and twelve rebounds. Kyrie Irving had 29 points. On Saturday, the Celtics were defeated 104-93 in the first game of the series in the first round.

The Celtics Were Not Enough

James Harden, the last member of the big 3, scored 21 points, 9 rebounds, and 8 assists. This was only the ninth time the trio was in full force in the season. The trio had a horrible run in the starting half, going 0 for 11 in the range for three-pointers. After the break, however, they exited the break room with a storm. The result was the third quarter opening to a score of 18-4 for the trio. This lead was maintained over the Celtics till the end of the match.

Harden, Durant, and Irving scored 28 points out of the total 31 points that the Nets had scored in that period. Joe Harris made a three-pointer in the second half for the rest of the points. He had also been the only one in the first half who had hit a three-pointer for the Nets.

Harris scored a total of ten points for Brooklyn. The organization had announced that all 14,391 seats allocated to them were sold out. Game 2 is scheduled to be held on Tuesday when the Celtics visit them.

For the Celtics, Jayson Tatum had 22 points. However, he shot only 6 out of the attempted 20. Needless to say, Tatum could not remake his score of 50 points from the play-ins. That effort had single-handedly ensured the Celtics’ 7th seed when they had faced Washington.

The Nets had a horrible first quarter when Irving, Durant, and Harden combined could only manage 5 successful shots out of the 20. attempted 

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