Cessna Plane Crash In Southern California Kills 6

Cessna Plane
Cessna Plane

According to the latest reports, an investigation is currently underway in Riverside County after a Cessna plane carrying 6 people crashed near the airport of French Valley on Saturday. According to witnesses, there are no survivors. This plane crashed in Murrieta, which is located in the middle of San Diego and Los Angeles.

The plane, which had left from the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, found itself completely engulfed in flames, after which it burned around an acre of shrubbery in that area. The Sheriff’s Department of Riverside County mentioned that all 6 people aboard the tiny plane had died at the scene. The victims have been identified as Abigail Tellez Vargas, Riese Lenders, Manuel Vargas Regalado, Lindsey Gleiche, Alma Razick, and Ibrahem Razick. 

Cessna Plane Explodes Before Touching Runway

The National Transportation Safety Board’s spokesperson, Eliott Simpson mentioned that just before landing, the marine layer of the Cessna plane had begun to envelop the area with extremely low visibility and ceilings. Simpson stated that the pilot had informed the air traffic controllers that he was about to attempt a milt approach, something that is usually attempted when the pilot is incapable of seeing the runway.

The plane then crashed to about 500 feet short of the runway, with the resulting fire causing a 200-foot-long debris field. According to Simpson, the low visibility and clouds were right at the minimum on Saturday morning at the French Valley Airport. Incidentally, had the visibility or the cloud coverage been any lower, attempting to land would never have been allowed. 

Apart from the Cessna plane, the National Transportation Safety Board also announced that there was another crash in the same area which was reported this week. A plane with four individuals on board had crashed near Murrieta- of which one individual was killed, while the other three were injured when the plane hit a side of the airport. 

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