Gonzaga Basketball Team May Have No Rivals

Gonzaga Basketball
Gonzaga Basketball

When Gonzaga basketball team’s Chet Holmgren swatted the ball off the backboard and shot off towards the basket, everyone knew it was over. After going past a defender with a dribble behind his back, he took a couple of steps and easily cleared the floor for a two-handed dunk.

It can’t be doubted- the lanky 7ft 1 freshman for Gonzaga is simply unmatched- and it seems his team doesn’t seem to have any rivals too. After lighting up the match with a variety of dunks and blocked shots, the top-ranked team easily overcame the second-ranked UCLA to win the Empire Classic, with the final score of 83-63 showing the difference in the skill set. 

Gonzaga Basketball Team Might Reign Undisputed

The forward from the Gonzaga basketball team, Drew Timme, was quite frank about it. He spoke about how the win wasn’t a shock to them anymore, and neither was the performance of Chet. They knew what was expected of him- something he knew himself too. He was simply built differently.

The Zags, who have remained unbeaten throughout the season, brought out their A-game to prove to everyone that there was a gulf between them and UCLA, which had 5 and 1. The Gonzago team then shell-shocked the second-ranked team with a display that decided the fate of the game in the first quarter itself. 

Holmgren from the Gonzaga Basketball team was definitely the star of the match, denying shots and dunking over everyone- whilst impressing the crowds with his supreme agility. His final score came at 15 points, six rebounds, and four blocked shots. But it was Andrew Nembhard, who really stole the show according to Mick Cronin, the coach of UCLA, who scored 24 points. Timme was as professional as ever, scoring 18 points in a pretty high-profile match. 

Mark Few, the coach of the Gonzaga Basketball team, stated that the entire game felt like something one would see in a regional final or regional semifinal. The atmosphere was amazing and was in complete sync with the game- something that was at stake- considering the teams battling it out.