Stone Mountain Residents Have Formed A Community Watch Over Recent Shootings

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Residents in a single area of Stone Mountain have become routinely fed up with the number of shootings that have been taking place. For this, they have decided to organize a community watch so that they can bring about a change themselves.

The neighborhoods along the area have mentioned in several interviews that they hate the violent shootings that shook the area on the 26th and 28th of June. One such individual, Edward Wells, recalls the time when a bullet pierced through the house, and went through the television. Another individual commented that they didn’t want to live in such abject fear anymore. On the 28th of June, the police of DeKalb County had been called as they responded to another shooting that took place on the street. 

Stone Mountain Residents Have Claimed 

Officers on the scene claimed that the shooter first took off in a car, and then ran the remaining distance. The cops found weapons and drugs inside the car, and the culprit was later found. Goes without saying, the bullet holes are still present in some of the vehicles even after a week. One resident, Nathaniel, lamented that he could do nothing with the bullet hole that was marring the beauty of his house- but he could do nothing as he couldn’t afford the extra costs. 

Now, the residents of Stone Mountain have decided to take responsibility for their safety and have formed community watches that would look after the population. Incidentally, most of the houses have installed surveillance cameras so that law enforcement would have an easy time nabbing the suspects. Also, the residents have formed groups of 2 to man the streets at night.