Settlement A Viable Possibility in Deshaun Watson’s Case

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson

There continues to be a delay in Peter Harvey‘s (Appeals Officer) decision relating to Deshaun Watson’s case.

Apparently, this is not due to his undecidedness or procrastination but because Peter is putting off the decision to see if Deshaun Watson and the league can agree on a deal.

The settlement remains an open and feasible option. However, there is no surety that things will work out and things may go awry. Or things may work out favorably for everyone. This situation truly can be categorized as a toss-up. Only time will tell if Deshaun Watson and the NFL will compromise and meet each other midway.

Deshaun Watson Shows Remorse And Apologizes To All The Women “Impacted”

Deshaun Watson in an interview on Friday on the Brown’s pre-game publicly apologized to all the women “impacted” by the situation. Prior to Friday, Watson in his only two interviews since joining the Browns from the Houston Texans has stated that he had “no regrets” regarding any of his actions towards the women accusing him of sexual misconduct.

The flip in attitude could be attributed to Deshaun Watson’s efforts to land a better outcome than he would otherwise have to face. It is hard to consider this sudden shift in attitude and apology as genuine as for months Watson had been blatantly denying the accusations.

Rusty Hardin, Deshaun Watson’s advocate, has gone on record stating that he is certain that all the accusations of sexual misconduct are false and the women were lying. It’s up for debate whether Hardin was misinformed or simply lying about the women.

Closer home, family and friends weren’t too happy as the reporters weren’t dissecting and showing the flaws of the women’s accusations against Watson. They wanted the claims to be under intense scrutiny and criticism so much so that the claims could be discredited.

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