Here Is Your Last Chance To Claim Your Pending Stimulus Check

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The IRS has been reminding people that over half a million people have yet to collect their stimulus checks or deposit them in their accounts. They have less than 14 days to file returns before the last day for filing taxes on April 18 this year. The IRS has not declared an extension yet.

This could be the last chance for people who have not claimed their third stimulus payment to collect it by filing their income tax returns for 2021. Also known as the Economic Impact Payment under the American Rescue Act, this payment is worth $1,400 for individuals and couples who earn within the stipulated amount.

While it is $75,000 for individuals, married couples will get the payment if their combined income is $150,000 or less. Every child and dependents will get a stimulus check of the same amount.

People who have by now received their third stimulus payment will not have to do anything regarding the notice sent by the IRS. Over 175M third-round stimulus checks were issued, giving Americans a total of $400B in total.

People Who Did Not Receive Stimulus Check Identified

The IRS has identified a list of 644,705 who have either not received their stimulus check or have not encashed it despite receiving the payment. The total amount of unpaid stimulus checks comes to $1.6B as reported last week by the tax authorities.

The authorities have advised residents to first check their account statements to confirm they never received their third stimulus check that was sent out starting March 2021.

To confirm their status, citizens can also get details through the online account of the IRS. They will get details of the total stimulus check payment sent to them.

A couple married jointly will have to log in separately to get details of their account. After confirming that they did not receive the payment, they should get in touch with the IRS for a stimulus check payment trace.

The IRS has said that people should not wait to file their returns in 2022 while they wait for their trace results. An amended return may be filed later if the records of the IRS reveal that a stimulus payment was never issued.