Trey Gowdy Directly Challenges Cawthorn To Back Up Allegations

trey gowdy
trey gowdy

Trey Gowdy harshly denounced Madison Cawthorn in a 10-minute rant on his night show on Fox News. He attacked the Republican Congressman for the allegations of rampant use of cocaine and invitation to orgies among Republican representatives.

The former representative from South Carolina is the most recent among present and former Republicans to hit out at the lawmaker from North Carolina over the allegation. Trey Gowdy is among the latest politicians and former politicians who have expressed their anger at Cawthorn.

Cawthorn has defended his statement, saying that unethical activities and corruption are part of Washington politics. Earlier, he claimed he had been invited to an orgy, and he had seen anti-drug activities indulge in drug abuse.

Cawthorn was earlier rebuked by Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader in the House. Trey Gowdy challenged Cawthorn to come up with names of those indulging in immoral and illegal behavior. He said that the citizens had a right to know where their representatives were spending their efforts at the expense of taxpayers’ money.

Trey Gowdy Has Challenged Cawthorn To Come Up With Names To Substantiate His Allegations Of Drug Use And Depravity

Trey Gowdy said that if congressmen had been invited to coke parties, Cawthorn should reveal the name of the person who invited them. If he was witness to drug use, he should reveal the names and not hide behind vague allegations.

Gowdy spoke of his 8 years as a House Representative and said that he hadn’t come across any lawmakers in both Houses of Congress indulging in such behavior, and spoke of some individual indulgences like drinking milk, ordering dessert, love for movies, and running.

Trey Gowdy even went on to suggest that perhaps Cawthorn was frequenting the wrong group of people. He further said that Cawthorn should own up either way and apologize if he had been making it all up. He said that the US Congress had enough on its hands without things being made up about it.