John Leguizamo Reveals Hollywood Secret

John Leguizamo
John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo is a promising actor in recent times. He is well known for his versatile nature. John has appeared in a number of great movies. 

Fans and critics have heaped praises on John for his acting prowess. Recently, he has revealed a secret about himself. Most of the stars have their way of self-care. John has disclosed one such habit of himself recently. 

He stated that he refrained from going out in the sun to maintain his skin. The actor stated that he was very conscious of the color of his skin. John spoke about racism in Hollywood. He stated that being a Latin is tough. 

The actor believed Hollywood has an inclination towards fair-skinned actors. He stated that every fair-skinned Latin actor has flourished in Hollywood. On the contrary, the relatively darker-skinned had trouble prospering. 

John recently featured in an interview for the Academy Awards where he opened up. The interview series “Seen” is a famous one and can be found on Youtube. 

Nick Barili presented statistics that say only a few percentages of the actors who were Afro-Latin got the lead role. John Leguizamo agreed with the host immediately. 

Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

John Leguizamo Was Very Much Concerned About His Skin

John Leguizamo admitted that he was thankful because of his light skin. He disclosed that the color of his skin helped him significantly.

Leguizamo also stated that his director, Spike Lee acted as the catalyst. Lee encouraged the actor to speak against color discrimination in the industry. 

John Leguizamo said that he felt his freedom had been robbed. He had to be constantly aware of his skin color. This made him restrain himself from going out in the sun. 

John continued to do this for several years. He finally felt the need to address the issue publicly. John has recently starred in the movie, “Encanto”.