Mercedes Boss Admits Not Bringing In Max Verstappen A Blunder: But Says Hamilton And Verstappen Combination Would Not Have Worked

Max Verstappen Mercedes
Max Verstappen

Mercedes Executive Director Toto Wolff has in the past admitted that Max Verstappen was on a different level from the others on the grid. The Mercedes boss had even admitted in frustration that he was p****d that the Red Bull driver was totally dominant on the circuit. 

Verstappen has set a blistering pace as he pursued his 3rd Formula 1 world championship. The 25-year-old has been totally dominant in the RB19 and has shown little sign of slowing down. 

The head has time and again admitted that Max’s pace makes it impossible for anybody on the track to catch up with him at this juncture. And now Wolff has finally admitted that not signing him on when he had the chance was a blunder. 

With 170 points Verstappen is way ahead by more than 50 points to even his teammate in the Red Bull team, Sergio Perez. He has made it to the podium in all seven races and has won five of them. 

Verstappen Had Met The Mercedes Boss Back In 2014

The boss met Max twice and his father over a possible tie-up with Mercedes back in 2014. Max then was one of the most promising prospects having moved up from the bottom winning through multiple karting series. 

It was not his surname alone that made the major teams in Formula 1 take note of him, his performance was impeccable at that point. 

Wolff said that Max, along with his father Jos, met him twice when he was still in Formula 3 to explore a move to Mercedes. Wolff admits that while he regrets signing him on at that juncture, signing him on for Mercedes was not a choice for him at that point. 

Mercedes had two very successful drivers back in 2014: Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. When Rosberg left in 2016, Max was by then unavailable and Valtteri Bottas entered the team.