Dakota Johnson Speaks Up At Sundance Interview About Preparing For Her Role Of A Masseuse Receptionist

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson relieved her role as the passive singleton in Stephanie Allynne and Tig Notaro’s rom-com, Am I OK? During an interview at the Sundance promoting the film, she candidly spoke up about her preparation for the role of the masseuse receptionist confused much later in life about her sexuality.

Dakota Johnson joked that she practiced for the role by making out with women during the pandemic before she was to be cast in the role. But then she gave a more sincere answer about her preparation.

Dakota Johnson said that she and Sonoya did not get much time to bond in preparation for the role as she was in quarantine. She was speaking of Sonoya Mizuno, cast in the role of Jane, who is Dakota Johnson’s best friend in the movie.

She said that she made once made dinner for her, a tuna steak, though she believes that they bonded due to the intense pressure of filming during a pandemic.

Am I OK? centers around Dakota Johnson as Lucy, 32, who relies on Jane, played by Mizuno, to the extent that she is totally lost without her.

I Am Ok? Gives Dakota Johnson The Chance To Play An Unusual Script

When Brit, the new girl played by Kiersey Clemons, joins Lucy at the salon, she opens up about her feelings and the reason she likes to be with Jane. She also delves into the reason why she has never been on a date till now.

This was an ideal opportunity for Dakota Johnson to relive an unusual storyline, something she has never done before. She says that she loved the notion of someone who hasn’t figured out much, though she is in her 30s.

She says she prefers a society where people are encouraged to grow and sort out things over a lifetime. She says that the coming of age flicks, where people sort their life out by their 20s, are unrealistic.