Charity Lawson And Her Bachelorette Scenes Finally Have Their Final Showdowns This Season

Charity Lawson

Charity Lawson finally gets engaged at the Season 20 Bachelorette. It was an important decision whether she wanted the man Aaron back in her life. She revealed that she did not want to let him go. Even Aaron had been asked whether he desired to come back to her. Aaron had also expressed his great delight at the presence of Charity Lawson. Charity Lawson could not get her mind off Aaron and she felt that she owed the man. However, the next day, Charity Lawson called this courtship off. 

Charity Lawson revealed to the media that she required assistance from her family in order to take the important decision between Joey and Dotun. Charity Lawson had high thoughts about Joey and how he seemed to fulfill her wishes. Even her sister and mother were very amenable towards Joey. Joey had expressed his feelings fully and how well he thought of their bond. However, he might have come up with confusion regarding the interracial relationship but Lawson’s sister had assured him that they only cared about love. 

Dotun was next in line and had made quite an impression of himself as well. He was appraised for his honesty and genuine. He also appeared well in the eyes of her sister and mother. Donut seemed to value the relationship highly and regarded it as a love he would never find again. 

The Final Choice: Charity Lawson Finds Her Forever In Dotun 

The meeting with these two gentlemen however did not bring Charity Lawson to any decision. Her family refused to make the choice for her but approved of any of them she chose. She could not even find any inkling from any of them. 

After her final dates with both men, she seemed to love both but was unsure about her decision. On the proposal day, Lawson rejected Joey and chose Dotun to be her life partner. It was a beautiful moment as they sprung into happiness and embraced each other.