Brooklyn Nets Are Disappointed As They Lost Against Boston Celtics

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

The ambition of the Brooklyn Nets to win the championship of the NBA seems to bit tough as they will go against Boston Celtics this Monday. This match will be the first-round battle with the Boston and the Brooklyn Nets are trying to ignore a defeat. Two superstars of Brooklyn namely, Kevin Durant, the NBA champion for two-times, four-time champion of scoring, and Finals MVP two times, and Kyrie Irving were successfully shut down by the Boston Celtics. 

Brooklyn Nets Are Kicked Out From The First-Round Of NBA Playoffs

There are big stars of the team Brooklyn who was known as the ‘Big Three’ and consists of Irving, and James Harden who has been already traded. In the words of Kevin Durant, in the initial matches, he was acting aggressively and was watching movies as many teammates were available. He also stated that he thought of an approach where he would play off all the opponents and he would get into the offense flow and then wait for the ball to find him. 

He revealed that he was overthinking a lot this entire series and it was his biggest mistake as due to that he took a lot of wrong calls. He regretted that he should have taken more effort into the offensive line than the defense and his aggression should have been more toward scoring goals.

Brooklyn Nets, headed by Steve Nash, the head coach, is struggling for a long time and people are having expectations that they will contend. There has been no team in the NBA that has come from a defeat with a score of 0-3 to win the playoff series best-of-seven. Harden was traded from the team Houston to The Brooklyn in the previous year and he holds the record of MVP in NBA 2018. 

However, these three players did not have a chance to play well because Harden was facing an injury and Irving was not allowed to play for his decision to not get vaccinated.

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