Charlize Theron Protests Against Cruel Beauty Standards On Aging Actors

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron publicly remarks on the unjust beauty standards that are bestowed upon women who have reached the age of 40. Being an actor further opens these people to criticism and they are left with feeling horrible about themselves through the various comments that are made on them. Charlize Theron desires to protest against these injustices. 

Charlize Theron even speaks against the metaphors that are used by male and female artists. She despises such annotations and feels that a woman’s beauty is seen to be worn off through age. She requests the public to be a little sensible and empathetic towards the actors going through the age of time. It is not in the hands of human beings about how they grow and each individual has the right to grow at their own rates. 

Charlize Theron Reveals Her Pride And Conditions Of Her Aging Body 

She reveals that her face is going through changes and she seems to admire the changes and the old age rather than trying to demean and neglect the process. Charlize Theron reveals that she has been a brilliant actor since the 1990s and still holds strong ground in the film business. She has been at the Oscars as well as her face on the billboard. Therefore, no change really affects her and she desires to change the perception of the people moving towards a so-called perfect image.

The actress has also been in the modeling business and she has staged herself beautifully with many of the known brands in the market. The public has been rather cruel in their remarks and presumptions that Charlize Theron has got plastic surgery. But, it is just her face aging and she is proud of it. She refuses to pay heed to the discriminative audience. She also reveals how her age has led to a lack of energy in her body. This has also made it difficult for her to meet the weight requirements for specific roles.