Chelsea Is Revived Under Thomas Tuchel’s Guidance


Reece James has definitely been trying very hard to secure his position in the Chelsea football club since Thomas Tuchel has come on board with the team after replacing Frank Lampard.

Thomas Tuchel is now the head coach of the Chelsea football club and is a German. Thus far he has been in charge of the club for 4 consecutive games and has proved to be a success so far. In addition, he has exceeded all expectations due to the reason that the London club has been unbeaten throughout all 4 matches as well as won 3 games in a row.

Chelsea On A Winning Streak

Chelsea has been witnessed to climb back to regain their 5th spot in the table of Premier League. This journey upwards has put the club in a much more comfortable position than they were till recently when Frank Lampard was sacked.

Tuchel has completely changed the form of the team and has instantly implemented his very own style of play across all 4 matches. Reece James believed that this is the main reason that Chelsea is playing much better as a team than they were under Lampard.

James has played the preceding 2 games under the guidance of Tuchel so far as a right wing-back and has been able to successfully put up some very decent performances.

He has also mentioned that the style of play implemented by Tuchel has made some very clear impact from the first day. In addition, this is seen in the performance of the team as well as the results incurred by them.

James has stated that from the very first minute that Tuchel joined Chelsea FC, he made it evident that his style of play is beneficial and will bring positive results.

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