Temecula Road: All Details On This Band Appearing On The Bachelor

Temecula Road
Temecula Road

In the episode on 9th February 2021 of ‘The Bachelor’, we witnessed Matt James going on a date with Pieper. After that, the two of them were given a treat to a private concert by Temecula Road.

Matt had planned this surprise private concert for Pieper as the two of them were seen slow dancing throughout the performance of the band.

Temecula Road Grabs Attention On The Bachelor

Even though by the end of the episode Matt seems to be lost and totally engrossed in Pieper, the viewers of the Bachelor clearly demanded more information about Temecula Road, the band that performed for the pair in a private concert.

The band consists of a pair of siblings along with a friend of theirs. The band comprises sisters named Maddie and Emma who are 20 and 21 years old respectively. In addition, there is also Dawson Anderson who is aged 21. It was clear during this performance that the trio is quite a powerful band that is capable of putting up some extraordinary performance.

Temecula Road had posted the update regarding their performance on The Bachelor through a social media post and attached a picture of the three of them along with Matt and Pieper.

All three members of the band belong from California and had been signed by Buena Vista Records of Disney Music in 2017. At present, they are signed under Warner Music of Nashville.

Temecula Road is due to release their music in 2021 and said it is something to look forward to. They were thrilled to be featured on the Bachelor as they informed their fans about it through their Instagram account.