Cherelle Parker Becomes First Woman Philadelphia Mayor

Cherelle Parker

Cherelle Parker became the first female Philadelphia mayor defeating Republican David Oh and will assume office in January next year. The 51-year-old parker recognized the significance of her win by thanking all women who had made a mark in the politics of the city.

Parker said that she was here only because the women who backed her considered her worthy enough for the responsibility. She was speaking as she voted at her poll base in West Oak Lane. She stressed that she was here not on her own but because of a community of residents who helped her move up at every stage. Cherelle Parker is a former City Council leader and state representative. Her journey to the top is a gripping personal account. She had the backing of the party establishment and the organized labor sector.

She replaces Mayor Jim Kenney, barred from running for a 3rd consecutive term by Philadelphia laws. Her tough non-nonsense approach to crime also came to her defense. Cherelle Parker has sworn to go tough on crime, support small businesses, keep educational institutions open across the year, and ensure a cleaner, safer, and greener city.

Cherelle Parker Stood By Her Decision To Use Her Personal Story During The Campaign Trail

At the victory party organized for her, Parker brought up her decision to stress her own story during the tough campaign trail. She was raised by her grandparents and brought up on food stamps. That proved to be a winning plan during her campaign.

Parker said that her personal experience was something that gave her strength and she would not let anyone use it against her. She said her experience remain near to the residents who were suffering the most at the moment in Philadelphia. She stressed that voters were rooting for authenticity this time around.

No Republican has won in the last 76 years. Cherelle Parker is likely to move City Hall towards a more conservative setup. She has indicated that she was willing to involve the National Guards in efforts to clean up Kensington, which has among the worst violent and drug crime rates in the US.