The Long Anticipated Ukraine Counteroffensive Planned By Zelensky Is About To Begin Soon


Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, recently mentioned that the first steps of the highly-anticipated Ukraine counteroffensive against the Russian army will be taken soon. This statement was made in a meeting with the other European partners who were providing his country with weapons. He spoke to the reporters in Rome after meeting with the Italian President, and Prime Ministers, and mentioned that the Ukrainian army was preparing very seriously, and was about to launch their own strikes against the enemy.

He further explained that the steps taken would be very serious, and while he couldn’t obviously disclose when it will take place, one would definitely be able to see it, and Russia is surely going to feel it. He stated that he believed in victory, and believed that the first important steps would be taken soon. 

Ukraine Counteroffensive About To Be Launched Against Russia

A senior military official in the United States, along with a senior Western official, informed CNN that the forces in the country had started shaping operations before the Ukraine counteroffensive took off. The shaping operations include striking targets such as command centers, weapons depots, and artillery systems that would prepare the battlefield for the advancing forces.

This was, for those unaware, a standard tactic made before the major combined operations. Giorgia Meloni, the Prime Minister of Italy, stated that she had a very long and fruitful meeting with the Ukrainian President, and mentioned that her country would be backing any future bids by Ukraine to join NATO.

In their bid to help in the Ukraine counteroffensive, the Defense Ministry of Germany also proclaimed that it would be supplying Ukraine with around $3 billion more in military aid, which would include 30 tanks.