Nikki Bella And Artem Chigvingtsev Tied The Knot

artem chigvingtsev

While the marriage ceremony had been taking place Nikki tells Artem Chigvintsev that she knew Artem has been heaven-sent from the time he walked into her life. How the couple arranged their ceremonial day was the sweetest of all. Artem Chigvintsev 40, and Nikki 39 exchanged their vows right before the nuclear heads of family and friends. 

Nikki Bella And  Artem Chigvingtsev Faced Hiccups Before Their Big Day

Before the couple could make their way to their big day, some hiccups hurdled along. The morning of the wedding turned out to be almost a disaster on a negative note. While the bride’s wedding gown had not been wrinkled out the previous night, the wedding band disappointed everyone by going missing.

Moments before Artem Chigvingtsev had to appear on the aisle, Brie Bella is told by him that he is not in the correct mindset to deliver his vows due to his lack of attention to where his focus should be. Artem Chigvingtsev further states himself to be in the worst situation ever at that moment for now the rings went missing.

Nikki on the other hand is aware of the negativity looming and tells her make-up artist that she wishes for the ceremony to just take off and that they would not be left with any time in hand for something extra. She whines about being and doing everything in a rush for which she had been excited. Artem is told by Brie that things going wrong on the day of the wedding are very natural and the couple needs to just look past these little mishaps while focusing on their big day. 

Artem Chigvingtsev was disappointed to the point that he took a minute off the wedding ceremony where Gleb Savchenko and the best man came to his rescue to pep talk and Artem came into a moment of realization.