Chicago Teachers Union Made Their Mayor Look Like A ‘Laughingstock’

Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union

The Chicago Teachers Union is at loggerhead with their Democratic Mayor. This dynamic between the two has been more toxic by the day. Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor, has been waiting to speak aloud about the Union and this omicron variant has finally let all hell loose. 

Lightfoot stated that they would be glad to work together but the Chicago Teachers’ Union has taken an illegal step. Their unilateral action has disrupted the entire system across the state and made them into a laughingstock in front of the whole nation. 

Chicago is now the largest district in the nation devastated by the labor dispute. 

Lightfoot Frustrated With Chicago Teachers Union 

Although it remains to be seen if the recent action by Chicago Teachers Union inspires other districts as well, the omicron variant has already led to small lockdowns. Several Democrats have said that all K- schools should remain open. This created tension between the party and the teachers’ union. 

So far the unions of New York, Washington, Sacramento, and Los Angeles have not demanded the closure of schools like Chicago. The influential Teachers’ Association of California has coordinated with Gavin Newsom, their Governor, in stating that their classrooms will operate even though the campus will be closed. 

Lightfoot has taken this tension seriously as she is not overly associated with labor reforms and has a sharp tongue for both her critics and allies. The citizens of her city and her own staff do not flinch with her words anymore and are aware of her blunt tone. 

Teachers were worried about safety protocols and refused to return to campuses on Wednesday. The union blamed Lightfoot for her rash decision of keeping schools open. On the contrary, Lightfoot assured on funding Covid-related issues in schools.

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