Doug Lamborn, The Colorado Representative, Accused By Former Staff Member

Doug Lamborn
Doug Lamborn

Doug Lamborn, the Representative from the Republican party stands under the accusation by one of his former aides. According to the accusation, the Representative from the state of Colorado took the decision of firing the aide for a reason that is not valid. A lawsuit was filed against the Representative following the case this Thursday. It states that the approach of Doug Lamborn with regard to the handling of the coronavirus pandemic had been dangerous and “reckless.” And when he was spoken to about it, the aide god fired.

Doug Lamborn Accused Of Irresponsibility

The name of the person who filed the lawsuit is Brandin Pope. He further stated that the staff of the accused Republican was endangered by him. This was because he dismissed the protocols to be followed in order to fight the coronavirus. The Representative stands accused of mocking his staff as they wore their face masks while working and also of forcing them to work when the pandemic was at its worst. As against this, the majority of the Capitol Hill staff were working from home.

The lawsuit filed by Brandon Pope also states the fact that Doug Lamborn was extremely careless even after knowing the fact that he himself got exposed to the virus in the month of October. It was stated that the Colorado Representative did not hesitate in interacting with his staffers following the incident. 

Doug Lamborn spoke out on his thoughts about the situation. On the accuser, Pope, he stated that he was one of those disgruntled employees. He further stated that they will be providing an answer to the lawsuit. He also mentioned that he was being represented by the lawyers of the House. The accused further added that his lawyers are of the view that the case filed by the accuser, is not a very strong one. The Republican Representative appeared to be quite optimistic regarding the matter.

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