Jimmy Carter Thinks America’s Democracy Is In Jeopardy

Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is a former president of the United States of America and recently gave a warning to the nation on Wednesday. He made a word of caution to the citizens of America because the democracy of the country might be threatened. 

This warning was given through an op-ed that was published by New York Times and written by Jimmy Carter. This op-ed was published on the eve of the 6th January insurrection anniversary. He made an impassioned appeal to the nation to immediately take action to safeguard their precious democracy. The nation is on the brink of genuine risk due to civil conflict and urgent action is needed. 

Impassioned Appeal By Jimmy Carter 

Jimmy Carter has written that Americans must keep their differences aside and work together to protect democracy together. 

This Democrat had supported Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama in disparaging the violent riot outside the Capitol. He further added that the people who have accused corruption in the electoral system have been trying to sow seeds of distrust in the law. These lies are being spoken by one single political party that has posed a threat to democracy. 

Carter mentioned that he was hoping for a nationwide protest against the rioters but the response was quite underwhelming. He believes that the whole country is in the grasp of a toxic polarization that is further dividing the people. 

The op-ed stated that the hard-earned freedom and democracy are in an extremely fragile condition at the moment. Citizens must abide by constitutional norms as well as respect one another despite personal political differences. 

According to Carter, the nation must highlight election reforms that will ensure access and confidence in the electoral process. The American democracy will endure only if the law is transparent.