Eric Greitens Appoints Kimberly Guilfoyle To Chair His Senatorial Bid

Eric Greitens
Eric Greitens

Eric Greitens, one of the Senate candidates all the way from Missouri, made an announcement with regard to the bid of his Senate. The politician chose the candidate who will be the bid of his Senate’s chair. 

The candidate in question is Kimberly Guilfoyle. She is one of the top officials from the 2020 election campaign of Donal Trump, the former president of the United States of America. The announcement came in this Monday.

Eric Greitens Is Getting Close To Trump’s Bubble?

Eric Greitens, the former governor of Missouri, is making efforts to stay in close contact with the important figures from the close-knit society of the former American President. And this is something that has been a cause of concern for some. They include the people of the Republican party both from Washington and Missouri. The newly chosen chair, Kimberly Guilfoyle, is the partner of Don Jr, the son of former President Trump.

Eric Greitens gave a statement with regard to his decision concerning the chair of his Senate’s bid. He expressed that he was honored to have the support of Kimberly. He also spoke a few lines on the work of the women. He stated that she did extraordinary work while working for the former American president. 

Prior to the launch of his campaign, the 47-year-old former Missouri governor courted those voices that were pro-Trump. This was done over the media. He also took up activities like sending emails for fundraising. He did so praising the works of the personal attorney of Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani. This was done in order to support the candidate as well as the others. 

However, there are some members of the Republican party who have fear concerning Eric Greitens. They are worried that Greitens could cause a Republican seat to be at a risk.

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