More Stimulus Check In October And November 2022: Check If You Are In Line For Any

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

State stimulus check payments continue into the last quarter of 2022 and though now major announcements were made this month, several states have lined up various forms of relief for residents.

The California Middle-Class Tax Credit payments that started on October 7 continue into the second round and the state has sent out the major share of the direct transfer payments. The debit card payment will take some time reaching residents through the US Postal Service.

New York Tax Credits

New York residents who have claimed the Earned Income Tax or the Child Tax Credit stimulus check on their state tax return for 2021 will get full or a part of this credit through an additional credit payment.

The New York tax credit payment started in October and more should reach residents each day with maximum payments likely to be completed in October. Residents who claimed both tax credits on their income tax return for 2021 will receive a combined stimulus check in their mail and not two individual checks. It will be the collective amount of the two tax credits.

There are a few rules linked to the tax credits. You are in line for payment only if the amount of the applicable tax credit is $100. The administration has notified that now a lesser amount will be sent to beneficiaries. This applies individually to the Earned Income Credit and the Child Tax Credit. If even either of the payments is below $100, the administration will not send out that payment even though the combined sum is over a hundred.

Beneficiaries must also have filed their income tax return 2021 for New York by April 18 this year. Those who have applied for and been granted an extra filing time allowance had until October 17 for filing the 2021 income tax returns.

The extra stimulus check amount depends on the New York tax credit claimed for 2021 and the beneficiaries’ income for the Child Tax Credit. The New York administration has said that the average pooled amount for the Earned Income Credit and also the Child Tax Credit comes to around $270.

Residents who applied for the EIC for New York will get a quarter of the credit they claim on their 2021 income tax return for the state. Thus anyone who has claimed a state EIC of $300 on their 2021 income tax return will get $75 (25%). The credit is mentioned in Line 65, the New York tax return, and also on Line 66 if your credit claim is as a noncustodial parent.

For the New York CTC, the extra payment amount ranges between 25% and the full amount claimed on the income tax return for 2021. The New York child credit can be found mentioned in Line 63, of the state income tax return. For those whose recomputed federal AGI is below $10,000, the payment will then be equivalent to the full amount of the credit.

If the income is in the $10,000 to $24,999 range, the payment is 75% of the credit for income between $25,000 and $49,999, a filer will get half the credit amount back. and those with a computed federal adjusted gross income of $50,000 and above can expect a 25% payment over their NY CTC for 2021.

The Home Owner Tax Rebate Credit For New York

Those owning a home in New York may qualify for advance compensation of the homeowner Tax Rebate Credit for the tax year 2022. The Empire State started sending out the advance stimulus check in June, but the money was not paid out to all. For those still in wait, the administration has said that all eligible residents will be given payments before their school tax bill becomes due. But the rule is that the administration will not send checks below $100.

To receive the payment, a beneficiary must meet the requirements for the credit for School Tax Relief for 2022 which is more than the STAR benefit for 2022. The income for 2020 also cannot surpass $250,000.

The amount that one can expect is linked to income, place of residence, and whether the potential beneficiary receives Basic STAR or Enhanced Star benefits.

Normally the payments are 18% to 163% of the STAR benefits. New York also uses online tools that help filers estimate the payment amount. The average payable for people outside NYC is likely to be around $970 and in the range of $425 for residents of New York City.

NYC Property Tax Rebates

Homeowners in NYC are expected to get an extra $150 back in 2022 on the property bill. The property in NYC can be either a multi-unit family home, up to 3 families, a cooperative unit, or a condominium to qualify. Though it should be a primary residence.

Further, the combined federal AGI of all the owners should be within $250,000. Filers who meet the requirements for STAR credits or exemptions qualify automatically. If filers do not receive STAR benefits though consider that they qualify for the rebate and can apply online and collect their payment.

Rebate stimulus checks were sent this August. But, if filers find that they are behind on payment of property tax can have the rebate stimulus check adjusted towards the due property tax. Thus, the stimulus check that you ultimately receive could be below $150 and might even get wiped out. This could be one of the explanations for why a filer fails to receive the full amount or miss out totally on the stimulus check.

For other reasons, the filer has to contact the Finance department of NYC at

While the HTRC is a 1-year program providing property tax relief in 2022 and the beneficiaries will not receive an HTRC stimulus check again for the next year, the STAR program is an ongoing one to provide school tax relief to eligible homeowners.

Beneficiaries who have sold their home before the due date of the school tax should return the stimulus check if they have received it and attach a brief note to the state department of taxation and finance. But if they owned the home on the date school taxes became due, they are eligible for the 2022-STAR credit and also the HTRC as long as they qualify for the other qualifications for each credit.

The basic difference discernible between a Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit and a STAR payment is that the check stub will indicate whether the check is for the HTRC or STAR.