Michael Cohen returns home to serve the rest of his sentence

Michael Cohen was released on Friday from his imprisonment. The former lawyer to President Donald Trump was found guilty with tax fraud, finance violations during the campaign, for lying to the Congress, and for bribing two women who claimed to have had affair with President Trump. However, Donald Trump had completely denied having had affairs with these women.

He was released from Otisville federal prison in New York. He was released in late May itself as decided in the release program by the Bureau of Prisons so due to the coronavirus outbreak. Before his release, he was tested for coronavirus. He was to serve the remainder of his three years remaining in home confinement.

Dressed in a blazer and wearing a baseball cap and a mask, sources tell that Cohen was picked up by his son. He refused to say anything to the media that stood outside his residence. A photographer claims to have seen him dining with his family members in a restaurant.

The following week, Cohen reported to the courthouse to be transferred to home confinement and fitted with an electronic monitoring device. He objected to many of the conditions and was then taken into custody.

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