Chris Brown And Usher Have Both Taken To The Stage At The Las Vegas Music Festival

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Usher and Chris Brown got up on the stage for the Lovers and Friends Music Festival in Las Vegas on the evening of Saturday in pretty good moods- after an alleged fight had taken place between them just some hours ago.

On Saturday morning, the 34-year-old R&B singer Brown argued with Usher during the former’s birthday party at the Skate Rock City roller rink- according to a video that was procured by TMZ. According to the media site, Brown was trying to talk to Teyana Taylor and got pretty miffed when the latter ignored him. This led Usher to intervene- as he tried to calm Brown down. Incidentally, Chris Brown decided he had had enough of the party and was leaving, and Usher decided to follow him. 

Usher and Chris Brown Had An Alleged Altercation at The Latter’s Birthday

Soon, Usher was seen returning to the party from behind a series of charter buses with what looked like a bloody nose- as mentioned by an eyewitness. Later on Saturday, both of the artists took part in this mega festival, which also had Nelly, Mariah Carey, Sean Paul, Missy Elliott, and Pitbull as a few of the guests. Neither star talked about this alleged argument during their performances. The outlet also went on to claim that neither of the singers had any injuries on their faces before performing. 

The alleged disturbance between Usher and Chris Brown is quite surprising, considering the Kiss Kiss crooner has been friends with Usher for quite a few years. The pair have even collaborated on quite a few hits, including New Flame, Party, Sugar Love, and a few others. Before this incident took place, Usher had been singing Happy Birthday to the 34-year-old singer with other guests- Bow Wow, Mario, Summer Walker, and others.