Chris Christie Has A Tough Message For The Republicans Watching

chris christie
chris christie

Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, had some tough advice for the most influential bundlers and donors of the Republicans on Saturday. He said that the only method to move forward as a party following Tuesday’s electoral success would be to move past Donald Trump and his fixation on fraudulent election results.

Chris Christie Wants His Party To Come Up With A Better Message

Chris Christie further clarified that his party must show voters their intent to fight and listen to them while having a message that is more lenient on their ears. This weekend, Chris Christies was among 6 potential contenders from the GOP for the House to give an address to the conference of the Jewish Coalition of Republicans in Las Vegas.

His aim was to build the foundation for his bid as Republicans wait and see if Trump will try to run for President once more in 2024. However, Chris Christie stood apart from his competitors. In that, he did not hold back his words regarding the party’s situation with Trump.

Christie put forward that the Republican gains of Tuesday – the gubernatorial victory in Virginia as well as over-performing in New Jersey – were examples that Republicans must think of new paths beyond Trump’s characteristic grievance politics. He warned that failing to do so will put at risk the party’s gains among suburban voters and women.

He clearly stated that the time to talk about what happened in the past has passed. Their focus must be on looking at the present Democratic administration’s policies and decisions, to keep the momentum going. He also argued that the stepped-back part of Trump helped Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin and New Jersey’s Jack Ciattarelli establish connections that were more relevant to public issues.