Chris Cuomo Says CNN Suspension Embarrassing: Claims Never Wanted To Compromise Colleagues

chris cuomo
chris cuomo

For the first time, Chris Cuomo has publicly spoken about his suspension, publicly admitting be being embarrassed. He said he realized why people thought his actions had gone against journalistic ethics.  

Chris Cuomo says that he has apologized in the past and meant what he said. He said that he had never wanted to compromise his colleagues and wanted to resolve the issue.

Chris Cuomo was suspended by CNN after disturbing revelations from the office of the Attorney General in New York that was investigating Andrew Cuomo, his brother, and the former Governor of New York. Andrew resigned earlier over sandals that engulfed his office.

CNN Revealed That Chris Cuomo Remains Suspended Pending Inquiry

CNN said in a statement that Chris Cuomo would remain suspended pending further assessment of the damning documents by the AG. Papers from by the AG office have revealed that he had a greater role to play in assisting his brother than previously surmised.

Chris Cuomo let on that he respected that CNN would need to follow a process, and he realized that he should not be discussing it any further, he said on his SiriusXM radio program.

Transcripts released by the AG office of interviews with investigators indicated that the star of CNN reached out to other sources in the media to know about Andrew Cuomo’s indicters before they went public.

Test messages released also indicate that Chris Cuomo spied on fellow journalists on stories against Andrew Cuomo that were set to be broadcast. He passed on this information to the then Governor’s aides.

Chris Cuomo’s admission has contradicted his statement to his viewers where he had claimed that he never contacted the media about his brother’s issue.

CNN in its initial statement said that the papers released by the AG’s office have revealed new information that raises serious questions. They said that Chris broke CNN rules when he admitted that he offered advice to the ex-Governor’s staff.

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