Chris Cuomo Criticised By Conservatives For Accusing Ron DeSantis!

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo accused Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, of holding people hostage. After this accusation, Chris Cuomo faced a lot of criticism and heat from conservatives. The conservatives accused Cuomo, an anchor of CNN, of acting like a Coronavirus hypocrite. 

Joe Concha Shot Back At Chris Cuomo For His Allegations!

On Friday, in his primetime show, he made those comments while questioning a guest. He was asking his guest how long should the people of America allow this country’s majority to hold vaccinated people hostage. While asking this question he also added how the Governor of Florida is asking people not to get vaccinated and stating that Coronavirus is a myth. According to Chris Cuomo, the governor said that the parents should decide whether they and their children will wear masks or not. In Florida, over 21,000 new Coronavirus cases were reported on Friday alone. That is why Cuomo was referring to Ron who has instituted the least restrictive Coronavirus restrictions across Florida. 

Joe Concha, contributor, Fox News, said that Chris Cumo reportedly disqualified himself and declined to comment on Coronavirus-related matters. Concha said that Cuomo shouldn’t comment on the actions of the governor of Florida as it is related to Coronavirus. Chris Cuomo, primetime host of CNN was accused by Concha of being more of an activist than a journalist.

Concha also added how Cuomo advised his brother to beat the allegation of assault and sexual allegations brought against him. On Friday morning, in his tweet, Cuomo shared his thoughts and comments on the situation of taking vaccinated people hostage by conservative political leaders. Janice Dean, a meteorologist also criticized Cuomo for being ignorant! Other people also criticized Cuomo by saying that he often exhibits aboveboard journalism ethics!