Ashley Judd Took Her First Steps Five Months After Her Accident!

Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd appears to be waking again five years after her accident in which she nearly lost her leg. Ashley Judd seems to be walking again. The actress who is now 53 years of age is taking her first steps in a long time. This is according to the recent posts of Judd on her social media account. 

Ashley Judd Posts Videos And Pictures Of Hiking In Switzerland!

In a series of videos and photos on Instagram, Judd was seen hiking in Switzerland. She captioned the post by stating that today, three weeks and five months after her accident inside the rainforest of Congo, she is walking again. She was reportedly hiking in the Swiss National Park. Ashley Judd also added that while stepping in and taking her first step, she felt at ease, her natural self and at home with nature.

She added that while walking the uneven surfaces uphill for nearly an hour confidently, she walked down the hill easily and carefully. She also talked about how she took a rest while sitting on the meadow of the fecund earth of God. The very next day, she walked again, this time in Ticino’s high alp. 

Ashley Judd said that there is a lot of stamina still to be rebuilt. But the path ahead is clear to her now. However, she is carrying out all the regular tasks of hiking including carrying firewood and other essentials into her Alpine hut. On Instagram, in her subsequent videos and pictures, Judd managed to show her foot which she injured in the harrowing accident five years back. She thanked the efforts of her doctors while explaining that she recovered much faster than what was expected. According to Ashley Judd, the reason behind her recovery is her doctors!