Ben Affleck Has Turned Into A Protective Boyfriend

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

In quite a cute display of protectiveness, Ben Affleck decided to check an overzealous fan from taking pictures of his girlfriend. His girlfriend in question- the superstar singer and actor Jennifer Lopez. While the couple was going their way out of Venice after checking in at the annual film festival, the 49-year-old had been snapped at the airport while he was restraining a maskless fan that got into their private space after trying to click pictures of the celebrity couple. 

Ben Affleck Pushes Fan Away When He Gets Too Close

Affleck pushed the man away, while his 52-year-old girlfriend stepped back from the confrontation. In a matter of seconds, their personal bodyguard came up and pushed the fan away from the couple. 

After the airport pathway seemed to clear up, Ben Affleck and his girlfriend continued down the path while keeping themselves under the radar so as not to have a replay of the incident. Now, while this entire event was unfortunate, it would be ignorant to think that Bennifer wouldn’t cause ripples to go through. 

It started as soon as the couple landed in Venice, as they took a water taxi to the Film Festival before making head turns on the red carpet on Friday night. Lopez was also a part of the proceeding as he promoted his latest flick ‘The Last Duel’, which has been co-written by Ben Affleck and his friend Matt Damon. 

Ben Affleck’s girlfriend J Lo was also able to take out some time for a quick photo shoot while they were riding through the city in a Dolce & Gabbana number. The Venice Film Festival was the first event that the celebrity couple attended together since they got back. While the couple has not been in the limelight of the media after coming back, they have had their moments of on-camera PDA since their reunion. 

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