Chris Cuomo’s Primetime Slot: Who Will Secure The Bag?

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo

It should come as no doubt to anyone that the termination of Chris Cuomo by CNN is a prime example of the current storm in television news. The 7pm Eastern Hour on Fox News has been the sanctuary to hosts being roasted for almost an entire year. The 11pm on MSNBC would also be requiring a new host following the exit of Brian Williams.

The 9pm hour of MSNBC is also in dire need of a host, with Rachel Maddow stepping back from her duties. Amidst all this, CNN finds its 9pm hour completely vacant, which they absolutely need to fill. 

The day-by-day Chris Cuomo Timeline

The termination of Chris Cuomo on Saturday did catch many people off guard, with CNN retaining the law firm Cravath to review the documents that were related to this scandal. The findings of Cravath were then submitted on Friday, and were quite sufficient for CNN to fire Andrew Cuomo’s brother.

During that review, Debra Katz, an attorney who has her specialization in harassment and discrimination cases, contacted the news company on behalf of an anonymous client who alleged sexual misconduct- back when Cuomo was employed with ABC. This complaint was seemingly the icing on the cake that tipped the scales against him. 

A spokesperson from CNN stated that the reports that they received regarding the conduct of Chris Cuomo with his brother’s defense gave them enough cause to terminate. Now, with new allegations coming to the surface they seemingly had no reason to delay taking any immediate action against Cuomo. 

Most media analysts are of the opinion that the termination of Chris Cuomo by CNN was a decision taken after careful planning, as it would rejuvenate the trust the public had on the media, especially because they made the right call.