Chris Murphy Admits Party Doesn’t Have The Necessary Senate Votes To Ban Assault Weapons: Democrats Renew Call For Ban

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy, the junior Democratic Senator from Connecticut, admitted that any federal effort to ban assault-style weapons or other gun restrictions would fail to make it through Congress. He said the Democratic Party does not have the 60 Senate votes necessary to push through a law. President Biden along with other leading Democrats called for a total ban on such weapons.

Questions have also been raised about funding law enforcement agencies wherever they have refused to enforce red flag rules. Shootouts in Virginia, followed immediately by Colorado, have prompted renewed calls for banning such weapons.

Chris Murphy said that a federal law banning public access to assault-style weapons would lead to fewer mass shootouts in America. The Connecticut Senator said the AR-15, and similar weapons, was the weapon of choice for mass shooters and the ban would drastically bring down such shootouts.

Chris Murphy Pointed To Decline In Shootout After Decade-Long Ban In 1994

The Senator admitted that only a ban on such weapons would not suffice. Similar weapons were used in last weekend’s shootout at the LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado. But the weapons used in the shooting at Virginia University, and the Walmart store shootout, in the same state, were different.

Chris Murphy pointed out that a marked decline in shootouts was recorded following the ban in 1994 that lasted a decade. The expiration of the weapon ban led to a spurt in the number of shootings.

President Biden returned to Washington this Sunday after the Thanksgiving holidays at Nantucket with family. The gun sale issue is back on center stage again as the President talked about the curse of gun-related violence.

President Biden called the continuing permission to allow assault weapons “sick,” and said he would try to have them banned by reviving the 1990s ban on such weapons.