Chris North Scene Deleted From Latest Movie

Chris North
Chris North

Chris North is one of the most famous actors in recent times. He has appeared in a number of great movies. The actor has been awarded on several occasions for his acting prowess. The most significant role he played was that of “Mr.Big”. 

His character was praised all over the world and became very popular. Unfortunately, North has been part of a huge controversy lately. As many as four women have come up to accuse North of sexual charges

The initial allegations surfaced a month ago. A couple of women accused the star of forcefully exploiting them. Both the women did not disclose their identity as they were fearful of the consequences. 

North shrugged off these initial allegations immediately. He said that the women had full consent while performing sexual acts with him. Soon after, a third woman accused North of sexual harassment. She stated that North raped her from the back. Chris laughed at the woman when she asked the actor to opt for protection. 

The final nail in the coffin was planted by singer Lisa Gentile. Lisa said that North forcefully entered her apartment and groped her. He wanted to advance with his sexual intentions but Lisa resisted. 

An enraged North abused the singer and left. Chris North also threatened Gentile to end her career and asked her to keep shut. All these controversies have resulted in North getting dropped from ” And Just Like That”. 

Chris North Scene Stripped Off

Chris North was supposed to feature as Mr.Big in the upcoming “And Just Like That”. Recent events have made the producers revisit the idea. 

After a thorough discussion, they decided to drop North from the movie. A number of his commercial contracts are also suspended. ABC announced the cancellation of North from ” The Equalizer” episodes. 

Chris North has been heavily criticized by fellow actresses. Sarah Jessica Parker has expressed her disappointment with North. Parker stated that it was unfortunate that she worked with North as a co-actor. New episodes of “And Just Like That” airs every Thursday on HBO Max.