Maricopa County Refutes Faulty 2020 Election Accusation After Final Review

Maricopa County
Maricopa County

The officials of Maricopa County, which is Republican-led, released a report this Wednesday. It showed a point-by-point rebuttal of the entire error-based analysis, misleading conclusions, and inaccurate claims. These accusations appeared in the audit of the Amazonian Senate related to the election of 2020. 

This Maricopa County report was 93 pages long and overturned the claims of Cyber Ninjas which is a company hired by the Senate Republicans of the state. Cyber Ninjas were made to review Maricopa County elections 2020. 

Review Report By Maricopa County 

The board supervisors of Maricopa County had a 4-hour meeting where they reached the conclusion that 76 out of 77 accusations were misleading or false. They informed that Maricopa County was not taken from former US president, Donald Trump

However, they admitted one error on their part that 50 ballots were mistakenly double-counted. These ballots were calculated twice but they did not have any significant impact on the election. 

Officials also mentioned that they researched every voter individually and reported any slight suspicious activity back to the attorney general. 

Karen Fann, Senate President of Arizona, had commissioned Cyber Ninjas but was unavailable to comment on the report. Cyber Ninjas representatives also avoided responding to it. Bill Gates is the chairman of the supervisors of Maricopa County and he remarked that the claims were made by ignorant people. He said that the 2020 election-related issues can now be officially closed because they are debunked. 

Trump and all his supporters tried to create election-based controversy since the results. They had created ruckus over the mail-in ballots, accusing corruption in the counting process. County officials have said the results were conclusive and the matter must be closed. The report provides a detailed analysis of false claims and debunked them thoroughly.