Chris Sununu Leaves Door Open To A Presidential Run In 2024

Chris Sununu

Chris Sununu is keeping all doors open when it comes to running for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. The New Hampshire Governor has repeatedly claimed that he was not ruling out anything in his bid for the White HouseChris Sununu said that many of his supporters want him to run and it was a conversation that was very much alive. He was speaking just before the induction of his 4th two-year term.

The Governor won a comfortable victory last November and has been on national television through several talk shows and interviews. Chris Sununu said that there was no fixed timetable to his decision process and pointed out that there was still one year remaining before the presidential nomination begins.

Chris Sununu Panned For Neglecting His State

Chris Sununu says that was still time to decide on going for a Republican nomination. He said that it was not right to speculate so early in the race and that anything could have in between 6 months to a year.

Chris Sununu has a healthy approval rating in all opinion polls. But he also has his critics. His recent decision to run digital ads in South Carolina and Iowa was panned by New Hampshire Democrat Chairman Ray Buckley. He said that Chris Sununu had never focused on New Hampshire and had spent his career trying to boost his national image. He said that Sununu had no qualms about doing so.

Sununu has also faced criticism from within the GOP. Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has pointed out that candidates endorsed by the governor had all lost in the primaries in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He said that Sununu’s standing was not solid enough even within his state.

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