Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart Enjoys Holiday

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has taken a break from his hectic schedule. He along with his wife decided to spend some time away from the concrete jungles. The couple was reported to be spotted in Croatia. Harrison is married to the love of his life, Calista Flockhart. The family visited different places in Croatia during their weekend tour. Liam, who was their son also accompanied them to the outing. 

Harrison Ford Visits Croatia With Family

Ford & Flockhart explored the Balkan City. It is located in Croatia. Liam was their only child. He was adopted by Ford’s wife. She used to raise him single-handedly till 2002. Flockhart adopted the baby in the year  2001. She started seeing Harrison Ford immediately. Ford, however, has four other children. All of them were children of his ex-wives. Ford and Calista tied the knot in the year 2010. 

The couple seemed to enjoy their holiday outing very much. Harrison was spotted in gray tees while his wife sported a red outfit. Flockhart also wore whitish sneakers. Harrison Ford was shot to fame by the Indiana Jones franchise. He had reportedly injured his shoulders. However, the pictures in Croatia do not show Harrison wearing a sling. This should mean that filming the latest edition of the franchise should resume soon. Harrison was injured at the fag end of June.

Harrison Ford is the front runner of the iconic franchise “Indiana Jones”. He has been a part of all the movies. From the very first edition released in 1981, Ford has played Indiana Jones. Steven Spielberg withdrew from the franchise recently as the director. However, he will continue to be a part of the production team. The fifth edition of Indiana Jones is expected to have a theatrical release.  According to Disney, the movie is scheduled for release in 2022, July.