Christian McCaffrey Suffers Hamstring Injury In Blow To Panthers

christian mccaffrey
christian mccaffrey

Christian McCaffrey, the running back for the Carolina Panthers, had to leave the game with Texans on Thursday night due to his hamstring getting strained. Later on, Jayce Horn, the first-round selection of the Panthers, also got his right foot broken.

Christian McCaffrey’s Injury Adds To Worries

The night’s result, however, was pleasing as the Texans were beaten 9-24 by the Panthers. However, the injuries did sour the mood in the dressing room afterward. Matt Rhule, the coach, confirmed Christian McCaffrey’s and Horn’s injuries. With the victory, the Panthers are at 3-0. This is only the 5th time they have done so.

Rhule also added that Christian McCaffrey’s injury’s severity was unknown to the team when the game ended. One of the best running backs right now will have to undergo more tests until the extent of the injury can be ascertained.

Sam Darnold, the quarterback, said that Christian McCaffrey and he had talked when the game had ended. He said that Christian was “sad”. Darnold also believed that Christian McCaffery will appear once more before the season is over.

Cam Erving, the left-back, said that Christian’s loss will hurt. However, he believes that Carolina can continue their early season form.

McCaffrey sustained the injury when he running towards the left side of the field during the 2nd quarter. He seemed to stutter to get past the defender before immediately heading towards the sideline after gaining 2 years. He then stayed inside the medical tent on the sideline for about 22 minutes. After that, he came out and headed towards the lockers. He was walking without any assistance, albeit he was limping slightly.

Chubba Hubbard replaced McCaffrey. Hubbard was a 4th-round selection in 2021, from Oklahoma State. When the game ended, Hubbard had 11 carries during 52 yards as well as further 3 catches and 27 yards. 

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