My Universe Makes Its Debut In Style

My Universe
My Universe

My Universe has finally been released. It is one of the most hyped-up music releases of 2021. A much-awaited collaboration between Coldplay & BTS has finally been done. It was a dream collaboration for the fans. Both the bands have millions of fans all over the world. Coldplay carries a legacy and is one of the most successful bands in recent times. Whereas, BTS has taken the internet by storm of late. Thus, My Universe is expected to be a massive hit. Both the bands are highly expectant of positive outcomes from the venture. Coldplay once again aims to take the peak position. Let us further dive into more news from the fancied collaboration below. 

My Universe All Set To Rock The Fans 

The release of the album was promoted and hyped by lead singer Chris Martin. He sang the infectious solo at one of the premieres. The premiere took place at Sirius XM of Coldplay. Martin also performed the same score at a radio show(Pandora). 

The production of the album was done by Max Martin. According to reports, My Universe will have lyrics both in Korean and in English. The legendary band performed for one and a half hours on Thursday. They performed many of their hit scores such as ” People Of The Pride”. Coldplay ended their concert by performing “Coloratura” for approximately ten minutes. Martin humorously mentioned that it was one of the weird things that Coldplay Always did. 

My Universe focuses on love over any other differences. The song will stress the fact that love is above all. We can overcome every barrier if love is pure. The song will be featured in the recent album “Music Of The Spheres”. The album is scheduled to be released on 15th October.