Michael Flynn And His ‘Myanmar-Like Coup’ Controversy

Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn

The situation in the United States of America could have been better than it is. In the week that Joe Buden, the President gave an announcement about the danger of democracy in the country, an extremely contradicting thought was channeled by one of the well-known political figures. Michael Flynn, the former adviser of national security during the administration of former President Donald Trump, talked about a possibility of a military coup in the country. It is said that he unabashedly supported the idea of a Myanmar-like coup in public. 

Michael Flynn To Be Charged?

This is not the first time an extremely controversial and disregarding action has been committed on the part of some highly influential people of the country. It started after the Capitol attack that took place on the 6th of January. The attack was made to show the disregard for the 2020 presidential election of the current American President, Joe Biden. As the entire world watched the democracy of the United States suffer, nothing was done by the acting President of that time.

Donald Trump was the executive branch head who did not take any action against the riot that caused a total of 5 people to get killed. Trump is also criticized for pardoning Michael Flynn. The former US General was held guilty of foreign lobbying and lying. 

Michael Flynn appeared at one of the conferences of “fringe conspiracy theory.” There he stated that there seems to be no valid reason why the Myanmar-like coup cannot take place in the country to re-establish Donald Trump as the head of the state. However, he denied the claims. A number of people are coming forward like Richard Painter, stating that what Michael Flynn said, was sedition. Painter is the ethics lawyer of the White House.  

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