Florida Lawmaker Goes After Walt Disney

florida lawmaker
florida lawmaker

Florida Governor Ron De Santis has threatened Walt Disney and Co. with a ‘living hell’ for daring to speak against the ‘Don’t Say Gay’. He has threatened to revoke privileges given to the entertainment major. The Florida lawmaker went after the largest employer in Florida for its censure of the anti-LGBTQ+ law signed into effect this week by DeSantis.

The Florida lawmaker alleged that Disney alienated many people by its stance. He said that their political influence had dissipated. DeSantis was endorsing the hard line adopted by Republican lawmakers to take away the special privilege that Disney enjoys in the state.

The Reedy Creek Improvement Act of 1967 allows Disney to virtually act as a separate administrative entity within Florida as the company oversees and regulates its land, roads, buildings, and essential services much like a separate county or municipal government.

If these privileges are revoked, Disney would be forced to come under Florida administrative regulations. State Rep. Spencer Roach said that Disney should be under the regulation of Orange County if they wanted to adopt woke ideology, which is defined as being attentive to and aware of issues of social justice and race.

Florida Lawmakers Appears To Issue Empty Threats Against Disney

Disney had at the outset been non-committal about the bill. Its CEO had insisted that its inspiring content in programs such as Modern Family was a better answer to the Republican attack against LGBTQ culture.

But sustained pressure from employees, including an open letter and a walkout, forced Disney to change its stance and openly challenge the decision of the Florida lawmaker. The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law has been challenged legally. Republican members have accused Disney of siding with the indoctrination of children.

While some analysts have said that repealing the law would be disastrous for Disney, others said that it was so much political posturing by the Florida Lawmaker, who has his eyes set on the 2024 Presidential elections.