Christina Aguilera Reflects On Britney Spears’ Allegations

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has been one of the closest friends of Britney Spears. Both the singers started their journey almost at the same time. The stars first crossed paths while working for the “Mickey Mouse Club”. 

However, over the years, the duo has wandered off in their respective paths. There was always a cold rivalry between the two singers. Aguilera has recently shared her honest insights about Britney Spears. 

Christina was asked about her opinion on Spears’ ongoing conservatorship feud. Aguilera stated that she has always been on Britney’s side. She felt that whatever Spears had to endure was not right. 

Christina was a very strong supporter of the ” Free Britney” movement. While speaking to a radio host, she expressed her happiness for Britney. Christina Aguilera said that she felt nice watching a woman fight for her rights. 

The singer further stated that Britney Spears should be deciding about her own life. No one had the right to dictate what she would do. However, Britney recently accused Aguilera publicly of not supporting her. She addressed the allegations in her recent interview. 

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Christina Aguilera Praises Britney 

Christina Aguilera made it very clear that she did not have any hard feelings towards Britney. Spears recently called Aguilera out publicly. 

She accused Christina of leaving her side during the conservatorship fiasco. However, Aguilera has made it very clear that she is a well-wisher of Britney. 

Christina Aguilera commented that Britney can always reach out to her for help. She elaborated that every individual faces different challenges in life. It is important to understand everyone’s situation.

However, the pop star expressed her love for Britney and asked her to maintain the friendship. No reactions from Britney Spears have yet been recorded.