New York Yankees Defeat Boston Red Sox 6-5


Baseball’s greatest rivalry reignited once more as the New York Yankees got the better of the Boston Red Sox on Friday (6-5). The game started a week after it was originally listed, and they had another day delay following that.

The 2022 regular season opened for the Yankees and the Red Sox with the former rallying to triumph in the opening game despite being 3-0 behind in the opening innings. They took the lead only after their off-season’s big addition, Josh Donaldson, Major League MVP, gave up a walk-off single in the eleventh inning.

Donaldson later said that the resiliency of the team will bring good tidings in the near future. He said that the way the team hung in there and showed resiliency portends great things for the future.

Yankee Win Overshadowed By Failure Of Yankees To Seal Aaron Judge Deal

More than this game, the bigger story emerging from Yankee Stadium Opening Day remains the failure between Aaron Judge and the Yankees to come to an agreement on the extension of his contract.

Judge had set a deadline for the opening day, and he becomes free after the end of this season. The NY Yankees earlier offered Judge a $30.5M deal extending for 7 years till 2039.

Brian Cashman, the GM of the Yankees, expressed his disappointment that the contract extension did not materialize. He was hopeful that the deal would materialize later, and he would love for that to happen.

Coming back to the game, Rafael Devers hammered home with a soaring double home-run into the right-field at 2ndnd deck. It was his 1st at-bat in the new season.

Gerrit Cole attempted a 99-mile heater on the top zone, but Devers bettered him at the spot, going deeper.

After the Red Sox took a 3-0 lead in the first inning, the Yankees fought back, tying the game with a Rizzo 2-run homer plus a solo homer by Stanton. It was a typical Stanton drive, low-line that carried away into a short field porch on the right of Yankee Stadium, a veritable missile.