White House signals eagerness to get past coronavirus crisis

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to haunt the United States, the Trump administration has been incessantly trying to open up the country and start running the economy. 

Trump has not been conducting the daily coronavirus briefing in recent times. He claimed he would now take a more structured process. He added that he was trying to get past the global and national health crisis to focus on bringing America back to normal.

The president is reportedly spending the weekend at Camp David. The weekend getaway will mark his first outing from the White House since March. Sources also report that he will visit Arizona, where he plans to visit a Honeywell factory, that has been producing N95 masks. He is also scheduled to attend a 2-hour Fox News town hall virtual event with the theme, “America Together: Returning to Work.”

Trump Wants America To Return To Work

Some claim that he has changed his behavior for the better. Recent polls revealed his Democrat Presidential rival, Joe Biden polled higher than him.

Trump also received harsh criticism after he suggested injecting disinfectant into the lungs to cure COVID-19.   

The Trump administration claimed that they wished to lift coronavirus restrictions on a gradual basis and let the economy start moving upwards.

As per many Republican strategists, Trump is performing well in his decisions with regard to controlling the pandemic. They claimed that the President was keeping the American spirit high. 

A former communications director of the Republican National Committee claimed that a structured schedule for Trump’s weekend out would benefit his political career as the public would see him doing “presidential activities.” 

There have also been reports that claim, the daily briefings on coronavirus was discontinued on advice from the President’s aids. According to them, the daily bickering with the reporters was slowly making Trump lose his political reputation. 

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