Chuck Schumer Opens Up About The Sexual Harassment Accusations Made On Governor Andrew Cuomo

Chuck Schumer
Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer, the majority leader of the Senate, gave a statement with regard to the sexual allegations made on the New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo. The statement was made on Tuesday. He claimed that the allegations were very serious and bothering. However, the majority leader restrained from taking it to another level. He did not talk about the resignation of the Democratic governor.

Chuck Schumer Goes Diplomatic

Chuck Schumer was asked a question concerning his views with regard to Andrew Cuomo’s resignation. The interview took place at a news conference at the Capitol. The response that was given by the 70-year-old was very diplomatic. He stated that he trusted the decisions that would be given by the respective authorities. The investigations concerning Andrew Cuomo will be carried out by Letitia James, the Attorney General of the state of New York.

While he stayed away from giving a direct statement, Chuck Schumer showed full support towards the accusers. They include Charlotte Bennet, Lindsay Boylan, and Anna Ruch. Bennet and Boylan are the two former staff members of the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Minority leader Chuck Schumer stated that it was very important to listen to whatever is said by the three women. He also condemned the act of sexual harassment. He added that sexual harassment should always be fought against. It should never be tolerated.

Democratic Schumer showed positivity towards the Attorney General as well. He claimed that he has complete faith in her abilities. He advocated the investigation that will be carried out by her. He also mentioned the fact that he was the one to call for it. Schumer said that the nature of the investigation will be an “independent” one. It will be free all interferences, both political or non-political.

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